Case Studies

Have a read below and see how our specialist designers helped create the living spaces our customers did not think possible!

Peter & Melkhova’s Home

Both worked away from home 7 days a week, only meeting in the evenings and using their 4 bed detached as a B&B. Neither had time to clean and although their circumstances were due to change with the arrival of…

Fay Office Interior

The life of a call centre worker is one of endless calls and staring at the screen or if they are lucky, the world around them as they undertake their role. Fay wanted to create an atmosphere of professionalism but also wanted an environment where…

Reading Room Concepts for Nathan Moe's Home Interior

A retired headmaster Nathan wanted to convert one of his reception rooms to a library/study/”me time” room. Despite Mrs Moe’s protestations, the couple agreed to disagree and Lucy, our designer covering the Lake District, got to work. Initially…

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